Property Management

Property Management

Why Us

We started in La Manga the hard way—as private owners with very little information and many unanswered questions. Our first property was completely dilapidated, having had no work done to it for over 20 years.

By tracking down and speaking to architects, builders, carpenters and tradesmen, we ended up completing our first project; a prestigious, 4 bedroom house in Las Higueras Community on La Manga Club.

Based on our own experiences, we are now well placed to help you through your property journey.

We have developed a professional and honest relationship with our team, which has led us to purchase plots of land in Las Mimosas Community, where we are going to build two houses; each being 336 m2 with 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, private swimming pool and garden.

Now we want to share this experience with you, so we have gone one step further and formed our new company: La Manga Properties & Investments, a company you can trust. This is not just a slogan; it conveys the people behind it.

Whatever building work is required, from small refurbishments to a complete new-build, we can quote. We believe that we will also be the most competitive.

We have a transparent, open pricing structure. We bill our clients exactly what our contractors bill us. Then we add a separate charge for arranging and supervising this work. This is called an “overhead” charge and is negotiable according to the value of the work involved.

Will all that we´ve achieved in such a short time, there are no doubts over our ability and professionalism in managing your home. You will be in good hands. See our managment package

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